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Animal Roadshow

A Ferret

Founded in 1982, The Animal Roadshow’s unique service consists of exciting, hands-on educational sessions involving a wide variety of living specimens of different species, all of which are friendly, tame, handleable and entirely trustworthy. All sessions are delivered by a qualified, professional educator who has full CRB clearance.

Previously available only to schools, starting in 2011 this service has been taken On the Road and is now available to event organisers!

We have available to us numerous animals of many species, and this allows us to offer a wide range of subjects, topics and themes. You select the animals, the subject, the level – the choice is yours.

A Python

Our "General Session" is one of our most popular, and consists of a range of animals covering mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibia and invertebrates, and is an ideal introduction to many scientific principles. The session explains the basic differences between these classes of animal, and also examines adaptations of each species which allow that animal to fully exploit its own ecological niche. The content has many cross-subjectr links, and other areas covered in this session include geography, the senses, colour and design, defence mechanisms, history, habitats, conservation, lifestyles and natural history.

An Owl

Standard "off-the-peg" Animal Roadshow sessions include: General, Invertebrates, Reptiles, Interdependancies & Adaptation, Raptors, The Senses, Babies, Growth and Lifecycles, Mini-Beasts, Night Time, Geography, Predators & Prey, Amphibia, Evolution, Mammals, Locomotion, , Camouflage & Protection, Attack & Defence, History, Conservation & Endangered Animals, Owls, Falconry, Pet Care, Competition & Predation, Flight, Habitats, Rainforests, Food Chains & Webs, Classification

The Animal Roadshow offers a bespoke service and sessions can be tailor-made to suit specific interests, or simply to show particular animals - it's your choice! Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements

Animal Handling with The Animal Roadshow©®

Our handling sessions offer the opportunity for your guests to see, handle and generally experience a range of animals that most people will have never seen at such close quarters, and are highly unlikely to see again.  We can present this 'on the road' at your venue or back at our base - the choice is yours.


The event starts with an introduction to different types of animal – lizards, snakes, amphibia, and invertebrates.  Your guests will discover why a snake is not simply a lizard with no legs, why amphibia need wet skin, and how a spider can regrow lost limbs and major organs.

After the short introduction, the handling will begin, and guests will be shown the correct and safe way to pick up and hold a snake, a lizard, a spider and other invertebrates.

Using our specially adapted vehicles, transport methods and cages,
we can bring TheAnimal Roadshow to you at any event/venue/location in the UK.

All our animals are habituated to handling and cared for to very highest standards, in line with our own CODE of PRACTICE, a copy of which is available on request, or via our website.  This code of practice exceeds all H&S and animal welfare considerations, ensuring an enjoyable and safe experience for all concerned.

TheAnimal Roadshow is perfect for corporate and team building events, along with family days and other events.

All-in-all, our animal handling events will give all visitors a day to remember and enough thrills to keep any after-dinner conversation flowing nicely.


...at our base

Designed to allow visitors to see and handle a wide range of reptiles, amphibia and invertebrates, TheAnimal Roadshow’s base building is a state-of-the-art resource.  Using the latest technology and building materials, the room was designed to be eco-friendly while ensuring the health, welfare and wellbeing of the animals homed in the room.

We have used the very latest building and insulating materials, combined with cutting edge heat recovery technology, to maintain the room at a balmy 28ºC throughout each and every day of the year.  In addition, our animals are housed in vivaria that have their own life support systems, ensuring the animals live in the perfect climate for their wellbeing.